Earlier, this was a TT on twitter. Fortunately, I already had a list goin of the 10 Things I Want to do This Summer thanks to The Daily Post. Thought I’d share… 🙂

• Float the river
(planning a trip soon!! Woo!!)
• Go to San Antonio
(it’s a short trip, so why not?!)
• Run a 5k
(signed up for one today!) 🙂
• Take pics of the hills
(there’s some very very beautiful scenery around here, I need to capture it!)
• hold five facial classes
• go back to the Capitol
• Pay my car off
(vroom! I’ll be so glad to not have a car note!!) 🙂
• Get an RT(R) job
(although I’ve started selling Mary Kay, I would also like to get an xray job to keep up my skills)
• Finish my book and start another
(can’t get enough of those vampire books!!) 😉
• Keep up to date on my scrapbook
Go to the Outlet Mall
(woo! did that last weekend!) 🙂

I’ll try to keep you posted on my progress! Do you have any #summerplans? Feel free to comment below, I’d love to see what kind of shenanigans you’ll be up to! 😉

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