Transformation Tuesday

A friend of mine recently posted his transformation pic and it motivated me to do mine.

Every year for Lent, I give something up as a “sacrifice” for Jesus, tho nothing can compare to what he has sacrificed for us. (But that topic is for another post.)

This year, I gave up sweets (because we have an unhealthy relationship) and vowed to complete a food log app every day during those forty days. I’ve been very diligent about keeping my promise to God during this time so I thought what better way to kick off a healthy lifestyle than to start eating right and getting healthy for myself. Here is my before and after pic for my forty days of Lent

I stuck to the no sweets.

I logged my intake for the duration of Lent.

I did intermittent fasting a majority of the time.

I worked out at least once a week, sometimes twice. My trainer advised extra cardio and I did that a couple times. But it’s hard to take the time for myself, I feel, but that’s also for another post.

Here is what I have learned:

  • I have admitted and am dealing with my unhealthy obsession with sweets–no longer do I have to have a dessert every meal. I consider myself a recovering addict (not sure if that extreme definition is necessary, but it’s how I feel).
  • Logging my food was a surefire way for me to observe exactly how many calories I was intaking. I made smart decisions and limited myself to ensure success.
  • Had a #duh moment. Eating right and exercising actually works. As much as I didn’t want to believe what research (and my highly qualified trainer) said, I have to gain self control and workout regularly to get fit.

Here is what I am working on and have planned to research to continue progressing:

    It’s okay to say no to sweets. I follow an IG page called @sugaraddictionsupport that posts motivational sayings that really resonate with me. Today, my husband said “Let’s just get to where we want to be then we can have donuts. There will always be donuts.” It is important to have motivation, whether you get it from a loved one as an accountability partner or social media with cheerful motivating posts.
    I need to continue my logging, because it works but I’ve been slacking.
    I’m going to continue working out, of course, but I’m planning to start a mommy workout group in our neighborhood with my trainer. I need to take some time to have #selfcare to extend the quality of my life.
    I’m going to get with my trainer (because he is an expert in everything health, as much as I hate to admit) about a more detailed meal plan for myself. For example, I know the amount of calories I need a day, just now I need a breakdown of percentages (macros) and when’s the best time to eat what, etc…

I feel like if I can get all this in line, I will continue to succeed in my weight loss and healthy living.

Follow my fitness journey at Ok to be Fit on the oktobeoffended website. My trainer is doing a Podcast with a series about helping someone my age… if you want to check it out.


To say I’m lucky is an understatement. To not only find the love of my life AND love his family, I couldn’t ask for more.

I met Micah’s parents early on in our relationship, and they welcomed me with open arms from the beginning.

Fast forward twelve years, four or five houses, two dogs (now one), and three kids later…. My love and appreciation for my in-laws are unending. They have done so much for us.

Let me give you a little insight on my mother-in-law, Sue. Today is her birthday so we need to celebrate her greatness today (well every day)!! Here are some words that describe her: support-she has stayed with me after the birth of each of our kids. I can’t tell you how much that has meant to us. It was difficult for me not only to recover physically from three c-sections but also to mentally prepare/adjust to multiple kids was a whirlwind. Which brings me to encouragement-she never let me doubt my ability as a mother. Although at times I couldn’t see the light, she was there in those beginning newborn days to reassure me that each stage has its upside. Confidence– Sue has never once questioned any of our parenting choices. She’s only ever supported our decisions and given positive feedback. That gave me the confidence I have needed, as a new mom continued on as a mom of three. I could go on and on, but the last word I will use to describe Sue, finally, is love. She has shown not only unconditional love to our children but so much love towards me. And you can see and feel the love any time she is around. The kids ask for her all the time and miss her when she leaves. Her hugs are so big and full and encompassing because she gives and loves with her whole heart.

So this one is for you, Sue Turner!! Hope you have the very best birthday ever full of all of your favorite things. We will sure be thinking about you and sending love over the miles.

Life with three

These ten seconds beautifully sum up my days at home with three kids…..

We’re all just sitting around the Christmas tree, relaxing.

My daughter said, “you’re so adorable” in my infant’s face while he laid there entertained by the lights. I tried to get my middle son’s attention. He punched the phone. Which fell into my face.

Coloring in the Chaos

Two bowls of cereal this morning. Then they asked for sausage and eggs. My hungry kiddos…. So I took advantage of the time while I was making second breakfast and had them “do school.”

Maddie does the Alphabet and Math Interactive Notebooks I found while I was planning her curriculum. Here’s a link to the YouTube instructions on the Alphabet Notebook. You can find the links for the printouts also. These notebooks are amazing for teaching fine motor skills such as cutting and coloring in the lines. she also learns counting, matching, letter recognition, and writing letters. While she was working on coloring, I had Ethan free-drawing on a piece of paper (that we painted on yesterday).

As you can see, we are working on the letter A. We’ve moved on from A to T, but not in her notebook so it’s a good time for us to review. I’m still trying to figure out how to keep E (2years) occupied while M (4years) is busy. The best solution I feel at his age is free coloring or free playing… if you have any suggestions, please leave me a comment!

Homeschooling Number One

Well… Number Three is a little over a month old and we’ve established somewhat of a chaotic homeschool rhythm…

Here’s a little update to our life:

I started homeschooling our firstborn (Number One) September 1 this year. She’s four years old so we’re doing a PreK curriculum. I was a certified school teacher in another life (ten years ago) but we can save my life story for another post. I will also be making other posts to include my curriculum.

We had Number Three via scheduled csection September 13 and hit the ground running ever since.

We have been VERY blessed to have my husband’s mom stay with us thus far as I recover from surgery and can’t pick up Number Two (who’s thirty-five pounds). It has allowed me to have that very crucial bonding time that is needed during the first few months and the healing of my body to prepare to go back to work soon. I could not have survived without the help of her and my father in law. My husband has been back to work almost immediately and his sacrifice of the time with the kids has kept us afloat and does not go unnoticed either.

I have joined an amazing group of Christian homeschool moms and have several mom friends who have newborns that I plan to ask to guest blog with advice/ support.

But today’s post is not a thank you note. I’m going to start discussing our homeschool life, if not to encourage others but to keep myself accountable. It’s been a while since I’ve written my blogs and I’m not sure how specific I’ll be with our personal lives, but if you have any comments or requests for info, they are welcome.

Back in the homeschooling saddle

After an uplifting #homeschooling meetup yesterday, I got some wonderful advice. I realized I was putting too much pressure to stay on “schedule.” I was getting really disappointed that we weren’t doing school every day and was afraid we were going to get behind. I realize now that that’s the joy of homeschooling. We get to it when we get to it. I was advised, especially with my newborn, it was time to just live our lives. I got some amazing ideas on every day life applications to help Maddie build her character instead of focusing on staying on curriculum. So this is what homeschool looked like today:Maddie practiced gluing and matching and patience as I had my hands full nursing Rhett. Ethan picked up the marker and traced an A, which shocked me big time because I haven’t really been teaching him to do that. So we all had some education and family time and maybe we’ll get back on track with the curriculum. Or maybe not, but that’s okay. It’s my first year homeschooling. I have lots to learn. If you have any tips or advice, I’m open to the encouragement.

Picking Our First PreK Curriculum

Thanks, everyone, for your interest in our homeschool journey. I want to share with you how I found a curriculum that fit our family.

I got my teaching certificate and taught a year and a half of PreK. I originated our curriculum, but I got rid of all of that when I went back to school. So here I am again, gathering supplies to originate another curriculum. There are more resources available now than there were twelve years ago, so I dove right in.

I joined a homeschooling coop. I recommend doing this especially if it’s your first year. They have been a very helpful resource and I have this new group of friends who are new or seasoned in this homeschooling adventure.

One of their latest posts was about selecting a curriculum. My research on YouTube lead me to Homeschool of Bel Air and this video of her curriculum. I was encouraged by the fact that she homeschools several kids. I watched that video several times. I took notes. I added stuff to my amazon wish list. I purchased a curriculum. The most important, and fruitful thing I did was make a shopping list and head to the Dollar Tree. My YouTube guru did a post about that here. You would be surprised by the quantity and quality of their school supplies.

First time homeschooling mom. I need every thing. All. Of. The. Things. I’ve never spent so much at Dollar Tree. But. It was tax free weekend and we really have used a lot of the supplies. I was in my third trimester. I needed to start when our school district started.Reality: We started September 1st, not August 20. If I hadn’t put such a time restraint on myself, I could have hit up Pinterest and the interwebs for more free resources. They’re out there. For sure. I will be writing about those for ya, too.

The curriculum I bought was super cheap, included all of the coordinating centers/snacks/activities and was in a Montessori style and order. I had to adapt some things in it, however, because it’s written for a preschool so there are several group activities that didn’t apply to us. But don’t worry, my curriculum post is coming up soon!

Bachelor Winter Games Workout

It’s been a while since I’ve blogged, but now is as good a time as never, so here goes….

The next new spinoff to the The Bachelor started this week. We usually watch Bachelor in Paradise, and this year a new series started, Bachelor Winter Games.

We can’t justify sitting thaaaaat long for tv straight, so we came up with a workout for the show. We can usually find workouts for the Bachelor series, but I couldn’t find one for the Games.

It is still early in the season, so we don’t have all the scenarios worked out. But, in case you want to get off your butt and burn a few while folks get frisky, join us in these heart racing exercises.

Bachelor Games Workout

There are links to the workouts, in case you don’t know them by name. Just click on the blue link.

Comment if you try this at your next viewing party!! I didn’t keep track of how many of each we did, but I feel like we did a hundred fiddy lunges and at least a hundred squats. 😂

I might update the list to add more workouts as the season goes on, if more repetitive actions occur! If there are any workouts you would like to see on the list, comment below!


Don’t ground them; anti-ground them

I think I like this new form of punnishment…

I've become my parents

Minecraft addicted

I swear if I have to take the computer or the Playstation remotes away one more time I’ll just get rid of both.

Well, I would, but I kind of like using them myself. I am running out of hiding places, though.

I’ve heard from so many parents that they have to take away screen time entirely for various amounts of time as a punishment for bad behavior. Personally, I have no other useful punishments; his favourite activity is inactivity so grounding my son is like sentencing him to his favourite pastime.

Unless I take away screen time, too, grounding him won’t keep him away from his friends anyway. Most of his friends these days have names like Psycho257. They’ve never actually met but their avatars have on some unknown person’s Minecraft server in Cyberville.

Maybe I should ground his avatar.

When I was a kid, my friends had names…

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God Bless This Blog

Day One’s assignment for Blogging101 is to introduce myself to the world. I would like to express the things I will be writing about so you can know what you can expect from me. 

I think I will write about family, being a mom, work, photography, poetry, DIY projects, budgeting/organizing, and being a Christian. I have made several posts with pictures and poetry when we had assignments and have enjoyed writing about that. Now that my baby is almost a year old I consider myself an expert parent, so I plan to offer my expert opinion to hopefully help any new mom out there. I also enjoy my work so much I feel I would love to discuss my job. As far as DIY/budgeting/organizing, there are a lot of projects I need to do now that we are buying a house. Lastly, but most importantly, I plan to talk about God. He has blessed our family in many ways so I plan to lift Him up with my words to express my graditude! Here’s an example:
This was my devotional for the day when my assignment came in, and I thought it was perfect to include in my blog description: 
God looked over all he had made, and he saw that it was very good! And evening passed and morning came, marking the sixth day. (NLT) ( Genesis 1:31 ) 
Have you used your hands to create lately? There’s no feeling in the world like being able to create something with your own hands. Gardening, drawing, or home improvement projects always give a sense of accomplishment at the conclusion of the project. We were created in the image of God who is the ultimate Creator. If it’s been a while since you have created something, think about what you can create. Spend some time creating and you will find a closer connection to the Creator.

Download this app to get your daily devotions:

When I read this passage, I got excited to start working on our new house. I know we will be proud of the work that we do ourselves.